Clashes began near the US Embassy in Lebanon, there are victims

Six protesters were injured as a result of the use of tear gas by security forces during a protest rally near the US Embassy, ​​located in the suburbs of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon al-Jadeed TV channel reports.

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It is known that protesters gathered at the American embassy in discontent with the “deal of the century” to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“Six protesters were injured by tear gas used by security forces against protesters… some of them tried to climb over the embassy’s fence”, – the channel said.

It is also specified that the demonstrators stone the US Embassy.

Last Wednesday, January 29, Lebanese President Michel Aoun, in a telephone conversation with his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, expressed solidarity with Palestine’s position on the “deal of the century”.

As it was previously reported, last Tuesday in Washington, in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump presented a peace plan known as the “deal of the century”.

In particular, the plan recognizes Jerusalem as the single and indivisible capital of Israel, rejects the fundamental problem for Palestinians of the return of Palestinian refugees, opens up the possibility for Israel to occupy Palestinian territories on the West Bank and extend its sovereignty to the Jordan Valley.

In addition, the Trump plan involves the creation of a demilitarized Palestinian state, deprived of control over its borders and airspace.

The White House offers, as the future capital of Palestine, the village of Abu Dis, located in the eastern suburbs of Jerusalem behind a security fence. In addition, the economic part of Trump’s plan provides for the allocation of $ 50 billion to Palestine over 10 years, primarily due to the sponsor countries from the Persian Gulf.

In turn, Mahmoud Abbas rejected the new plan, saying that the Palestinians insisted on recognizing their state within the borders of 1967 with the capital in Jerusalem.

On February 1, the Palestinian leader announced the severance of relations with the United States and Israel.


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