The collapse of the European Union officially started

After numerous scandals, resignations and a political crisis, Britain nevertheless withdrew from the European Union, of which it has been a member for almost half a century.

Brexit and its consequences

This happened exactly at 23:00 local time [2:00 Moscow time], and the British, having gathered in the center of London, celebrated this event, waving flags to jubilant cries. However, not everyone shared this joy. For example, in the Scottish capital Edinburgh, the government building was highlighted in blue and yellow to indicate that most Scots opposed leaving the European Union on a 2016 plebiscite.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who furiously promoted Brexit and threatened to commit it in the fall according to a “tough” scenario, called the kingdom’s exit from the EU “a moment for a real national renewal”

“The most important thing that needs to be said today: this is not the end, but the beginning, the moment when the light is seen ahead, and the curtain opens, marking a new act,” the head of government said.

It is worth noting that, together with Brexit, a transitional period came into force, which until December 31 allows maintaining interaction between Britain and the EU at the same level. This time is necessary to work out new conditions for cooperation. However, new threats are already emerging here. Negotiations will be extremely difficult, and the risk that the parties will take up protectionism is very high.

The question of the distinction between the Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, remains open. London has the task of ensuring its own economic independence without introducing a rigid border.

Not everything is clear for the European Union. Of course, the community was left by its most opposition member, who has repeatedly opposed major projects. At the same time, from now on, only France is the EU representative in the UN Security Council with the right of veto. Thus, the alignment at this site can change dramatically, especially given the fact that London is increasingly showing commitment to Washington.

It should be borne in mind that Britain, paid for by the career of two prime ministers, did not create a precedent for the European Union. A practical mechanism for withdrawing from the community was created, which other countries can use. At the same time, Britain dealt an alliance and a blow to the reputation, showing that the aspiration in the EU, to which countries like Ukraine are committed, is worth nothing.


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