Soviet artillery on guard of Iraqi independence: Americans get a sleepless night

While Washington is desperately trying to maintain an American presence in the Middle East, the armed forces of the United States are experiencing the insistent desire of Iraq to free itself from occupation.

So, according to the Xinhua news agency, last night, US forces again suffered a missile strike.

The attack occurred last night with the use of the Soviet Katyusha multiple launch rocket system. In total, five ammunition was fired. They fell around the perimeter of Al Qayyarah airbase in southern Mosul, where US troops are based. No casualties were recorded as a result of the attack.

As News Front reported earlier, a missile strike was fired at the US embassy in Iraq. One of the missiles hit the dining room. Two more ammunition fell nearby.

The escalation of tension in the Middle East began after a military base was deployed in Iraq at the end of last year, where the American armed forces are deployed. This led to the death of a US citizen. At the same time, the United States responded by staging a punitive action by striking at the facilities of a Shiite formation and explaining this as “containing Iran.”

This entailed an unprecedented wave of anti-American protests in Baghdad. Then the protesters almost burned the US embassy. And after the assassination of Iraqi Iranian General Kassem Suleimani, Baghdad began to demand the withdrawal of the American occupation contingent from its territory.