Through satellites, the West breaks out a monopoly on the history of World War II

In an attempt to cater to a large-scale Western information campaign to distort historical facts about the role of the USSR in World War II, Estonia is preparing a new anti-Russian demarche.

West breaks out a monopoly on the history of World War II

According to Deutsche Welle, the Estonian parliament is working on a draft of a highly resonant statement “On the historical memory and falsification of history”. The fact is that Tallinn intends to accuse Moscow of this “falsification” for trying to defend the memory of the ancestors who brought the world a victory over Nazism.

It is noteworthy that not one of the parliamentary factions opposed the scandalous document. It has already been signed by 73 lawmakers out of 101. The chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, Marco Mihkelson, called it a “reliable consensus”.

In the statement itself, Russia’s actions are called “the formation of a platform for further aggression in foreign policy against neighboring states and the entire Western world.”

It is worth noting that Estonia did not become the first country in the region to try to please the Western “owners” in such a dubious way. Thus, the Latvian parliament has already called for “preventing distortion of the history of the Second World War.” Of course, it was not about the actions of the West. Latvia tried to blame exclusively Russia. Thus, the United States and its “partners” are trying to gain sole control over the historical past.


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