The Kremlin continues to analyze “the deal of a century”

The Kremlin continues to analyze the US plan for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said after a meeting between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“We continue to analyze”, – Peskov told the reporters.

Netanyahu said Thursday that Putin is the first world leader he meets after traveling to Washington, and said he would like to know Putin’s opinion on the “deal of the century”.

The US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday the results of the development of the “deal of the century” – a draft agreement between Israel and Palestine, which should put an end to the conflict in the region. The plan provides for the creation of the state of Palestine and its demilitarization, while Israel will retain control of the east of the Jordan River, and Jerusalem will remain its indivisible capital. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the deal also includes recognition of the city of Abu Dis on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem as the “fence” of the city. At the same time, the plan offers an investment of $ 50 billion for a new Palestinian state. It is envisaged that negotiations on a final agreement should take place within four years. This plan has been rejected in Palestine.


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