NATO made a resounding recognition: islamists and nationalists became unspoken allies of the bloc

The USA is persistently trying to remove the “obstacle” to its imperial ambitions.

This was told by the German deputy and member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Alexander Noah, in a publication for “Die Freiheitsliebe”.

According to him, the United States, “proclaiming themselves the victor in the Cold War”, should have been concerned about the issue of establishing relations with Russia. In fact, it turned out that the country was simply ignored while it was weak and did not impede the advancement of American interests. When the situation changed, the West again saw in it a threat to its own world order, having launched a fierce confrontation. A similar situation with China and Iran, Noah notes.

In particular, the German deputy recalled how the West supported the coup in Ukraine with all its negative consequences:

“This is the reality of the geopolitical and geo-economic struggle for power”.

The North Atlantic Alliance is persistently trying to show “who is in charge”, because Russia no longer intends to tolerate “the policy of the United States and its European vassals”, the politician continues. In this regard, NATO is conducting its military exercises, accusing Russia of “aggression”. However, as Noah emphasizes, between 2014 and 2018, the Western bloc conducted 4 times more exercises than the Russian Federation. These data were received from the German government, but given that this information is not in the interests of NATO, they decided to classify it.

“The United States sees in this whole era of confrontation between major powers, when there are no forbidden instruments, when international law has receded into the background, when the Middle East and North African Islamists, along with the radical nationalists of Ukraine, become unspoken allies”, – says Noah.

At the same time, he sharply criticized the position that Germany took in this situation. As the head of the Left faction in the parliamentary defense committee, he received a written notice of NATO’s sensational military maneuvers, Defender Europe 2020. The content of the document demonstrates how much Berlin is trying to serve Washington, representing Germany as a “transport hub and transit country in fulfillment of its central role in NATO”.