Disgraced but right – Pompeo’s words about zero benefit of the US from Ukraine were true

Ukraine has every chance to turn into a “second Iraq”.

This was told by publicist Daniel DePetris, commenting on the recent scandal with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the article for the American edition “The Washington Examiner”. After a shameful escape from journalists, he asked how Americans really care about Ukraine.

According to DePetris, Pompeo is right. Despite the fact that US media resources are flooded with reports of the Ukrainian crisis and Russia, Americans are more concerned with the question, “where to get hold of money to pay for the education of their children”.

“For them, this is more important than Putin’s next advantage over a country whose value to Americans is negligible”, – the author notes.

The problem is that so far no impartial analysis has been presented in the United States that could justify Washington’s need to intervene in the Ukrainian crisis, DePetris continues. At the same time, he criticized the dubious, but actively disseminated position that “the whole world will collapse after Ukraine”. The journalist recalled that such an excuse has already been used in Vietnam, Iraq and Libya. Then the US decisions to intervene in the conflict were motivated by meaningless theories, and the consequences became extremely sad.

“It’s not at all a matter of debiting Ukraine. It is definitely important to the Ukrainians themselves. It is important for Europe. However, it is worth putting Ukraine in the right position: for the United States, it is beyond the limits of vital interests. If Washington has a desire to support Kiev, let it start with something in a diplomatic sense. The United States has enough priorities, which will be much more important than Ukraine”, – the author concluded.


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