Chancellor of Austria praised the consequences of Brexit

Brexit will affect not only the composition of the European Union, but its effective strength, said Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz on Thursday.

“In Austria, little will change because of Brexit. But, of course, the composition of the European Union will change, as well as its size and effective strength. I am very sorry that the UK is leaving the EU. This is an important market, a very strong country politically, geopolitically and militarily. We would like Great Britain to remain in the EU, but it is necessary to take into account and respect the decision of the local population”, – said the Austrian chancellor at a press conference.

He noted that Austria intends to maintain good bilateral contact with Great Britain, which is an important economic partner of the republic. But Vienna is also interested in the strongest possible cooperation between the UK and the EU.

“Exiting (from the EU) is simpler, more difficult to regulate future relations. An appropriate attempt will be made. I hope that it succeeds, and Michel Barnier and Boris Johnson can agree. The more orderly these relations will be in economic and political terms and cooperation in general, the more better for both sides”, – said the chancellor.

The UK will leave the EU at 11 p.m. on January 31 (02:00 Moscow time on February 1). Then, until December, the transition period will last, during which the parties will negotiate on further relations.