The Kremlin: Russia’s role in the Middle Eastern settlement is really significant

Russia remains a responsible participant in the negotiations on a Middle East settlement and is ready to make all necessary efforts for a viable peace in the region, said spokesman for the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

The Kremlin: Russia's role in the Middle Eastern settlement is really significant

“Russia continues to be a responsible member of the Middle Eastern “five”, if necessary, Russia is ready to continue to make every effort to do everything possible to achieve a viable peace in the Middle East”, – he told the reporters on Wednesday in response to the question whether the Kremlin already has a position on “the deal of a century” to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, proposed by the United States.

The US President Donald Trump on Tuesday introduced “the deal of a century” – a Palestinian-Israeli settlement plan developed by the current US administration. Under this plan, Trump said, Jerusalem will remain the indivisible capital of Israel, the US will open its embassy for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the Palestinians will be able to double their territory, and the US will help Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in creating a state if he agrees to negotiations.

To implement “the deal of a century”, the United States form a joint committee with Israel, whose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Trump, agreed with the plan proposed by Washington.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, commenting on “the deal of a century” proposed by the United States, said that Jerusalem is not for sale, and the deal will not move forward, the Palestinian people will throw it in the “dustbin of history”.

The Council of the League of Arab States (LAS) at the level of foreign ministers will hold an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss “the deal of a century”.


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