Syrian army liberated a number of areas in the west of Aleppo

SAR government forces knocked out terrorists from several areas adjacent to the western outskirts of Aleppo, the Syrian state agency SANA reports.

According to the agency, the army managed to take control of the Rashidin-5 area, fuel and lubricant depots in the vicinity of Marata and Khan-Tuman arms depots.

The army launched an offensive in the west of Aleppo in connection with the daily bombardment of terrorists in residential areas of the city, which killed dozens of civilians. Terrorists continued to shell civilians in defiance of the ceasefire announced in January. Last week, Syrian artillery destroyed the firing positions and strongholds of the militants, from where the shelling was fired. On January 27, government forces managed to break through the first lines of defense of terrorists in the west of Aleppo.