Macron accuses Erdogan of “breaking promises” on Libya

French President Emmanuel Macron accused his Turkey’s colleague Tayyip Erdogan of having “broken the promise” made at the Berlin conference on Libya regarding foreign interference in the Libyan conflict.

“I would like to express my concern about the actions of Turkey at the moment, which directly contradict what President Erdogan promised to do during the Berlin conference”, –  Macron said during a press conference with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a video of which was published in Twitter Champs Elysees.

According to the French President, over the past few days, they have watched Turkey continue to transfer militants from Syria to Libya.

“This is a clear and very serious violation of what was achieved in Berlin. This is a violation of the promise, this is an encroachment on the sovereignty of Libya and on the security of Europeans and residents of the Sahel region”, – the president added.

The sixth conference on the settlement in Libya was held on January 19 in Berlin. Representatives of Russia, the USA, Turkey, Egypt, the EU, the UN and other countries were invited to it. Participants in the Berlin conference on Libya pledged to put an end to foreign interference in the Libyan conflict and supported the arms embargo on the country. In addition, conference participants called on the parties to the conflict to conclude an agreement on a permanent ceasefire.

After the overthrow and assassination of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya virtually ceased to function as a single state. Dual power reigns in the country now. The parliament elected by the people sits in the east, and in the west, in the capital Tripoli, the Government of National Accord, formed with the support of the UN and the European Union, rules. The authorities of the eastern part of the country operate independently of Tripoli and cooperate with the Libyan National Army of Marshal Haftar.


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