Bavarian Prime Minister praised economic relations with Russia

Bavaria is interested in developing economic relations with Russia and hopes to resolve political issues, said Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Zeder.

“We are interested in expanding economic relations, and this is very important for us, we are a very powerful country, we are still the most economically powerful land in Germany”, – he said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He added that Bavaria invests a lot in the Russian economy. He also emphasized the desire to develop scientific cooperation.

“In principle, we can say that the German economy and the Bavarian economy are still ready to do more. And therefore it is very important for us that, along with the relations that already exist, which are already good, in order to improve these relations, thanks to large political topics: the Norman process and the like, for example, the process in Libya, as well as cooperation in the investigation of the murder in Berlin”, – Zeder said.

He stressed that this will help improve relations. He also noted that you need to respect history and learn from it.

“Our desire is to improve economic relations, and we very much hope that the many political issues that exist, that they can also be quickly resolved, because sometimes it’s a pity that the picture of Russia is perceived differently in Germany: there are amateurs, real fans, but there are also people who are critical of Russia”, – he added.