Ukraine may become the epicenter of the spread of Chinese coronavirus in Europe

The Chinese coronavirus can be a big problem for Ukraine, because the “efforts” of the ex-president of the country Petro Poroshenko and the Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun, better known as “Doctor Death”, a huge number of specialists left to look for a better life abroad and there will simply be no one to treat Ukrainians.

Ukraine may become the epicenter of the spread of Chinese coronavirus in Europe

Such an opinion on the air of the News Front television channel was expressed by journalist Yuri Kot.

“The situation is very complicated. We remember that we have measles trouble for a long time. If the same number of people had measles in the United States, this could lead to a state of emergency and even the abolition of elections. And here everything is fine, because Ukraine has long become a third world country. For a civilized society, for example, Russia, the situation with the fight against viruses would be quite painful and very dangerous, but for Ukraine it is in the order of things. I dare to assume that the Chinese coronavirus is not of a natural nature, that it is artificially created, specially or accidentally released into the open spaces of China and of all mankind as a whole, ”said Kot.

According to him, there is a moment of excitement and hysteria around the new coronavirus, however, the situation is quite complicated, because despite all the unprecedented measures that are being taken, it still gets out of control, people die every day and hundreds more fall ill. If the situation develops, and the risks worsen, the bill will go to thousands of people.

“We understand that Russia closed the message, refused to accept residents from China in one way or another to prevent this danger. But Ukraine can not afford it, as it is now put up as a girl for sale to anyone who would like to enter it. And here the virus, not the virus, is the Ukrainian government, represented by Zelensky and others like him, a little worried. They think that this will not affect them, that the “plague of the 21st century” will bypass them. But, I think that will not go around. There is no one to fight. A huge number of doctors and specialists left the country. Moreover, the salary of a doctor in Ukraine is now negligible and therefore, there is no one to treat people, ”the Cat emphasizes.

The journalist drew attention to statistics, according to which last year about 700 hospitals in Ukraine were closed, and 70 thousand doctors left the country.

“People are left to their own devices. Ms. Suprun was able to destroy the medical system, which stood guard over the health of the population of Ukraine and one way or another, could protect and minimize risks for our population. Obviously, for those who manage processes in Ukraine, healthy Ukrainians are needed only for organ donors or discussing staff, so that the sick person does not serve the “white gentlemen” from America, from Britain, etc. If the situation in China changes for the better, in Ukraine they will start jumping with flags and screaming that they also defeated the coronavirus. If the situation worsens and develops further, then sooner or later it will come to Ukraine and then Ukraine, in the very center of Europe, the European continent, risks becoming a huge problem for all neighbors. It only remains to pray that the virus will bypass Ukraine, ”the expert summed up.


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