The Spanish prime minister and the head of the Catalan generals will meet in Barcelona

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will hold talks with the head of the Catalan generals, Kim Torra, in Barcelona on 6 February.

“On 6 February, the Prime Minister, Mr. Sanchez, will meet with the President of the Generalitat, Mr. Torroi, in accordance with the agreements reached earlier”, –  said at a press conference following the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the official representative of the Spanish Government, Finance Minister Maria Jesús Montero.

During the talks, the formation of a bilateral commission to discuss the Catalan conflict will be discussed.
Previously, Sanchez has already announced that he intends to meet with Torra in early February in Barcelona.

Previously, the Left Republicans in the government coalition in Catalonia and the ruling Socialist Party in Spain had agreed to establish a government commission to negotiate the Catalan problem. The outcome of the agreement is to be submitted to a vote by the inhabitants of the Autonomous Community.


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