Zarif called cultural terrorism the threat of Trump to attack UNESCO sites in Iran

This fact, as the Iranian Foreign Minister said, is a continuation of Washington’s policy of violating international law.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called cultural terrorism threats by US President Donald Trump to attack Iranian sites, many of which are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. He said so on Monday.

“The U.S. president’s threat to destroy cultural facilities in Iran means cultural terrorism at the international level”, –  IRNA quoted him as saying. He added that “this fact is a continuation of Washington’s [policy] of violating international law in order to break the resistance of the Iranian people.

According to the minister, “on the one hand, [the U.S.] is resorting to economic terrorism to restrict people in Iran’s access to food and medicine. “On the other hand, they are using state terrorism and killing one of the most beloved figures in the country and the region, General Qassem Suleimani,” he said.

The Iranian secretary’s words were another reaction to U.S. President Donald Trump’s remarks Jan. 4 that the United States would strike “very quickly and very hard” at 52 Iranian sites, some of which are very important to Iran and Iranian culture, in response to any potential attack by Iran.


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