The U.S. agrees to sponsor even criminals as long as they’re anti-Russian

Democratic reforms in Moldova are only political demands of the West in exchange for money.

This was told by publicist Vadim Cherezov, assessing the political situation in the republic.

According to him, the short premiership of Maya Sandu showed conclusively that the West does not care who and how manages Moldova. The main thing is that this power should act in his interests and, as a result, should oppose the rapprochement with Russia. Thus, Sandu had no problems with financial assistance.

Washington became between Interpol and Plahotniuc – in Moldova they told about the US patronage of the fugitive usurper.

The West relied on Sanda – the stalled Moldovan government received millions from “partners”.

The same was observed during the reign of Vladimir Plahotniuc and his Democratic Party of Moldova. At that time the republic was mired in corruption, democratic institutions were destroyed, and power structures were turned into punitive ones. With all this, stolen money was withdrawn from Moldova by millions, and state assets were systematically privatized.

Washington and Brussels knew very well what was going on, but still actively sponsored Plahotniuc, continues Cherezov. The reason for this was anti-Russian policy: a ban on broadcasting Russian TV channels, a restriction on the Russian language.

“It turns out that the USA, European Union and Romania agree to finance anyone in Moldova,” the expert states. – But only if this regime is ready to support any anti-Russian demarche of the West”.

As reported by NewsFront, after the Party of Socialists and the pro-Western block “ACUM” agreed to form a parliamentary coalition in Moldova last summer, the Democratic Party under the control of Plahotniuc attempted to make a gospel revolution. With the help of Russia, the European Union and the USA, the PDM managed to gain recognition of the new ruling force. Against this background, Plahotniuc escaped the country in order to avoid justice for numerous crimes, in particular the theft of a billion dollars from the country’s banking system. Later it turned out that Plahotniuk was hiding in the USA, but his visa expired at the end of 2019. Earlier, the U.S. Department of State reported that Plahotniuk was included in the sanctions list.


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