Zelensky does not creep out of Jewish scandals: the guarantor publicly lied to the Israeli PM about the “Crimean Tatar Schindler”

Not a single Jew allegedly rescued by the Crimean Tatar Saida Arifova was found, which did not prevent Vladimir Zelensky from telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about her “heroism”.

Earlier, the president of Ukraine was already shamed by his decision to refuse to participate in the forum in memory of Holocaust victims. After that, as reported by News Front, he told the head of the Israeli government “three stories about the Holocaust”.

Among them was the story of the Crimean Tatar Said Arifova, who allegedly saved 88 Jewish children in an orphanage, lying to the Nazis about their nationality. However, the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, back in 2017, stated that there was no confirmation that such an event had actually happened.

“It appears that this heroic woman is the righteous of the world at the level of Oscar Schindler. The only problem is that there is not one saved, not one witness of salvation, and not a single descendant of 88 saved children”, – he emphasized.

Moreover, in 2002, within the framework of the “Wait for Me” television project, an attempt was made to find participants in those events, but to no avail. Dolinsky noted that the Yad Vashem memorial complex refused to award Arifova the title of the righteous. The late head of the Jewish Council of Ukraine, Ilya Levitas, held the same position. This is also due to the fact that there are a number of documents refuting the very possibility of what happened.