Serbian leader fiercely defended Belgrade relations with Moscow

Western politicians are constantly trying to impose anti-Russian policies on the Serbs, but at the same time they themselves regularly meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Such a statement was made by Serbian leader Alexander Vucic, answering a question from the Euronews television channel about what the choice of Belgrade would be between the European Union and Russia.

“Speaking frankly, I have had enough constant notations about how we should cooperate with China or Russia. At the same time, I am watching how many people hold meetings with [Chinese President] Xi Jinping and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, more often than me. Better let everyone do what they should”, – said Vučić.

At the same time, the head of state emphasized that Serbia is a sovereign country, whose leadership is doing “everything possible for the people”. And in this regard, he pointed out that Serbia’s long wait for EU membership is a very depressing fact.

As News Front previously reported, a well-known World Bank economist did not rule out the possibility that Serbia is more likely to join the Eurasian Economic Union than the EU. He explained this by saying that Brussels puts forward too many strict requirements that only hit the economy of the candidate country.