London wants threats to speed up trade negotiations with the EU

The UK plans to use the threat of high tariffs for goods from the European Union to speed up trade negotiations with the EU after Brexit, the Times reported.

According to the publication, Britain’s actions will be aimed at exerting pressure on Europe after the country leaves the EU in order to agree on a trade deal free of quotas and tariffs, without strict observance of the Brussels rules by the UK.

It is planned that, if approved, that tariffs of 30% for some types of French cheese and 10% for German cars can be introduced. In the UK, the Times claims, it is hoped that such actions will force European countries to exert pressure on Brussels to avoid a decline in exports and possible damage to the economy. However, new measures will be tabled first.

Earlier, the Financial Times, citing documents at its disposal, said that the EU would require the right to impose sanctions against Britain in case of breach of the Brexit agreement after the country’s exit from the EU. According to the newspaper, the EU believes that Britain should strictly adhere to the rules and agreements regarding workers’ rights and environmental protection, in exchange for a trade agreement with some restrictions. In case of non-compliance by the United Kingdom, writes the Financial Times, Brussels wants to take flexible and temporary responses.

At 23:00 on January 31 (02:00 Moscow time on February 1), Great Britain will leave the EU. Then, until December, the transition period will last, during which the parties will negotiate on further relations.


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