Half a litre of “Hitler’s”: alcohol-Nazi scandal erupts in Germany on Auschwitz liberation day

While world leaders took part in the International Holocaust Remembrance Forum, Germany scandalized the production of German Reich Beer.

The scandalous drink appeared in a store in the small town of Bad Bibra, in the federal states of Saxony-Anhalt. Pictures from there quickly spread to social networks.

In the photo you can see whole boxes of Deutsches Reichsbräu beer. The bottles are labeled with the emblem of the Third Reich. The only difference is that the swastika was replaced with an order cross. The price of an alcoholic drink is also noteworthy. So, a box of beer is offered to buy for 18.88 euros. So, the number “18” is used as the encrypted initials of Adolf Hitler: the letters “A” and “H” are the first and eighth in the alphabet. At the same time, the numbers “88” are a well-known coded greeting “Heil Hitler”.

Earlier, News Front reported a similar scandal that broke out in Venice. There, among souvenirs in one of the supermarkets, they sold wine with the image of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi slogan “Ein volk, ein reich, ein führer” on the label. The cost of one bottle was 10.5 euros.