The overthrow of US presidents will be commonplace since 2020

All the dirtiest speculations that American democrats have sank in recent years will now be in the order of things.

This was told by an American historian and senior researcher at the Hoover Institute, Victor Davis Hanson, on the Fox News Channel.

“What do we have after everything Muller’s? 22 months, 34 million dollars, dream team, all stars. And no evidence of collusion [trump with Russia], ”the expert notes.

According to him, the strategy of the Democrats from the very beginning was based on the fact that they have no evidence of the president’s guilt. All they could do was broadcast their policies in the media, hoping that someone from the Trump team, for example, his already former national security adviser John Bolton, would “drain” the necessary information.

“However, be that as it may, this approach is doubtful, because they [the Democrats] are seriously at risk,” Hanson continues. “Now they intend to call witnesses.” Only the impression is that Hunter Biden will not do them any good, given that, apparently, the weakened Joe Biden is their only real and viable candidate. “

Given the current situation in American politics, the historian concluded that 2020 will be a turning point for the United States.

“From then on, as soon as the president loses the majority in the House of Representatives, especially in the first term, they will impeach. He will become a political weapon against the president, ”he stated.


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