Russians will save Latvians from their most terrible phobia

The anti-Russian decisions of the Latvian authorities can be explained by hatred or revenge for the Soviet Union, the victory over Nazi Nazis and for the very existence of Russians. But there is also a more significant reason that they do not like to advertise.

This was described by the chairman of the public organization Russian Society in Latvia Tatyana Favorskaya in a comment to the Sputnik agency.

According to her, when at the legislative level in the country they try to squeeze out the Russian language from schools and kindergartens, this may indicate a paranoid fear of Latvians before their disappearance as a nation. Thus, at the expense of the Russians, they expect to compensate for adverse demographic trends.

“There are very few Latvians. They are afraid of extinction, as demographers clearly demonstrate. Roughly speaking, they need replenishment of the population with human material. Only this is done too harshly, even extremely mercilessly, because the calls of the Russians do not receive any reaction, ”Favorskaya explains.

At the same time, she drew attention to the negative effect of the dubious state policy of the country. So, due to the fact that the authorities are closing provincial schools, teachers who have lost their jobs are forced to move to Riga and other large cities.

“They need to be given a job. As a result, Russian teachers and educators “wash out”. In their place suit Latvians. This replacement of the Russian cadres began even after the so-called restoration of independence of Latvia, ”the social activist concluded.


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