Netanyahu criticized Iran’s behavior after the Boeing plane crash

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Iran immediately knew that its armed forces had shot down an aircraft of the Ukrainian International Airlines, but tried to conceal this information.

The Israeli politician said this at a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.
“Iran knew from the first moment that its forces shot down your plane. They tried to hide it, they concealed it for 48 hours until they were forced to admit it. I think it says a lot about what kind of regime this is”, – said Netanyahu.

He wished to discuss with Zelensky the confrontation with “forces and regimes” that, according to the Israeli politician, threaten civilization.

The Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine International Airlines, which operated a flight to Kiev, crashed shortly after departing from Tehran airport on January 8. All 176 people on board were killed: 167 passengers from Iran, Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden and Afghanistan and nine crew members.

Iranian military on January 11 said that the Ukrainian Boeing was shot down by accident, the fault was the human factor: the plane flew near a military facility in Iran and was mistaken for an “enemy target”, namely an cruise missile, they specified. At the same time, Iran noted that they expected an attack from the U.S., and therefore the country’s air defense systems were brought to full alert.

Earlier, Radio Sputnik reported that the black boxes of the crashed Ukrainian Boeing would be decrypted in Iran.