They had no right to complain – Tallinn court refused to consider motions to close the Russian school

Out of nine complaints to Tallinn Administrative Court regarding the closure of the Russian school in Kaila town, only one was accepted.

This was told by Annelie Viloux, spokesperson for the judiciary, in a comment to the “” portal.

“So far, the court has returned five complaints, as the plaintiffs had no right to file complaints,” said the official. As an example, she cited one case where the plaintiff’s children were not registered at their place of residence in Kaila.

Three other motions were delayed. According to Vilu, the court also found some flaws in them, so they are still pending. Thus, only one complaint was accepted into the proceedings, but not all of them were clear, as the defendant – the city authorities – were given time until February 14 to voice their own position on the closure of the Russian school.

Lawyer Mstislav Rusakov, representing the parents’ interests, explained the essence of the complaint. The fact is that the children of Kayla, who will go to the first grade, will no longer be able to study in Russian. Pupils in grades 2 to 9 have made an exception so far. In Russian, they will study “if possible”.

“Based on our experience, in a couple of years, the administration will decide that there is no longer such a possibility”, –  he said.

Last fall, Kayla’s city council passed a resolution according to which there will be no enrolment in the first grade with Russian as of September 1, 2020. At the same time, the local Russian school was merged with Estonian.


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