Putin proposes a summit of the Russian Federation, China, France, Britain and the US to discuss world issues

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, suggested holding a big summit with five countries this year.

He believes that the Russian Federation, China, France, the United Kingdom and the United States should come together to discuss the most pressing global problems.

One can only hope that individual comrades like the United States and Britain will not stand on their hind legs. In addition, they will not surprise anyone if they inflate from this the story of “Russian aggression.”

“An example, in my opinion, can and should be given by the founding countries of the United Nations Organization, the five powers that have a special responsibility for the preservation of civilization. We discussed with some colleagues, as I understand it, in general, we saw a positive reaction, to hold a meeting of the heads of state, the founders of the UN and the post-war world order, the permanent members of the UN Security Council and Russia, China, USA, France and the UK, ”the Russian leader said.


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