Boris Johnson approves the report that he is “a Kremlin’s agent”

Soon, the British authorities may publish another anti-Russian report on alleged cases of “interference” in Moscow in the affairs of the United Kingdom.

This was announced by British Deputy Foreign Minister Christopher Pincher.

As News Front previously reported, it was this report of the parliamentary intelligence and security committee that was actively exploited by Boris Johnson’s opponents in the wake of parliamentary elections in Britain. Then, The Times, referring to this classified document, claimed that the Conservative Party, of which Johnson was the leader, allegedly received sponsorship contributions from a number of Russian entrepreneurs.

They tried to connect the British conservatives with nine Russians, among whom were the names of Evgeny Lebedev, the owner of Lebedev Holdings Ltd, the newspaper Evening Standard and The Independent; Alexander Temerko, former vice president and deputy head of the board of the Yukos oil company, who has been a British subject for eight years; spouses of former Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Lyubov Chernukhina. Boris Johnson himself, being an ardent Russophobe, denied such ties.

According to Christopher Pincher, the report has already been agreed with the Prime Minister, which allows it to be published, however, given that the document is the property of the parliamentary committee for intelligence and security, you must first wait for the completion of the formation of this committee.

“We know that society is interested in publishing the report, but it is the property of the intelligence and security committee,” said Liberal Democrat Jamie Stone. “When the committee is formed, it will decide when to release the report.”


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