Zelensky: Ukraine could take the place of Great Britain in the European Union

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, speaking in Davos about the prospect of his country’s membership in the EU, said that when one country leaves the union, it is possible for another to enter there.

The UK should leave the European Union on January 31, however, this date was previously postponed due to the impossibility of ratifying the agreement on the conditions of Brexit in the country’s parliament.

“The question is not when we will be in the European Union. The question is what status Ukraine will have in the European Union, what attitude it will have to our country. Attitude as a powerful, equal player, a respected country, a country for which they don’t look down. Now it is a very convenient moment when we know: one big country made an exit, maybe it’s time for Ukraine to enter (enter)?” – Zelensky said on Wednesday, speaking at an economic forum in Davos.


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