“You may like it or not”: NATO announced the largest American intervention in Europe

The United States deployed an armed contingent of 20,000 troops to Europe. This will be the largest American military presence in Europe since the Cold War.

This statement was made by Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg, speaking about the notorious military exercises of the Western militarist block Defender Europe 2020.

“A few weeks will pass, and we will begin large-scale maneuvers of Defender Europe 2020”, – he said.

As part of these exercises, the United States will attract 20,000 troops. They will arrive in Europe directly from the United States, which will be the largest deployment of the US Armed Forces since the Cold War. You may or may not like it, but it is a mistake to say that the USA has left Europe”, – said Stoltenberg.

He lamented that there are people on both sides of the Atlantic questioning the alliance. At the same time, he pointed out many disagreements between the United States and Europe, in particular on climate issues, trade, as well as the Iranian nuclear deal. Against this backdrop, Stoltenberg called for “strengthening, not weakening, transatlantic ties”.

As News Front reported, earlier German MPs opposed the exercise. In Germany, the maneuvers were called a waste of money and outright anti-Russian provocation. In Saxony, they demanded that they interfere with the conduct of NATO exercises in the region.


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