Trump has threatened the EU with car taxes

The US President Donald Trump said that the US side could impose duties on car imports from the EU if Brussels does not conclude a new trade agreement with Washington.

He stated this in an interview with CNBC.

“Negotiating with the EU is very difficult. Yesterday I talked to the new Head of the European Commission, she is amazing. But I told her that if we do not come to something, then I will be forced to take measures – duties on their cars and other products entering our market”, – Trump said.

According to him, the EU has no choice but to enter into a new deal with the United States.

“For many years we had a huge trade deficit with Europe – over $ 150 billion”, – he added.

Earlier media reported that French President Emmanuel Macron, after a telephone conversation with Trump, agreed to postpone the collection of digital tax until the end of the year. Prior to this, the United States threatened the French side to impose duties on goods imported from France due to this tax.