Mexico returns a caravan of migrants to Central America

After a caravan of refugees from Honduras arrived in Mexico, the authorities began sending migrants back. We’re talking about almost 700 people already.

Hundreds of migrants from Honduras and other countries were sent back home after crossing the border with Mexico. The Governments of Mexico and Honduras reported that two planes and several buses had been sent to Honduras.

A total of 691 people were dispatched as early as Tuesday, according to official figures.
Many were crossing the border between Guatemala and Mexico in the hope of reaching the U.S. border. Mexican soldiers, however, got in their way.

The situation at the border between Mexico and Guatemala has improved somewhat since clashes between migrants and security forces. About 1,400 Central Americans who arrived at the southern border of Mexico on their way to the U.S. over the weekend have now decided to apply for asylum or other residence permits in Mexico, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrad said at a press conference.

Another 1,000 people asked to be sent home. Ebrad said that 110 of them have already been airlifted to Honduras. About 400 people are still on the Guatemalan side of the border.

Between Saturday and Monday, some 3,500 Honduran migrants arrived at the Guatemalan-Mexican border to escape poverty and violence. Mexico said it would prevent them from crossing the border with the United States. According to the Mexican Immigration Service, about 500 migrants had crossed the border illegally near the Suchyate River. Approximately 400 of them had been arrested. The rest had escaped to Mexico or had returned.