An Iranian MP has announced an award for Trump’s head

A reward of three million dollars will be given to those who manage to organize the assassination of the current U.S. president, said MP Ahmad Hamzeh during his speech in the Iranian parliament, reports EADaily with reference to ISNA.

“On behalf of the people of Kerman Province, we will pay a cash bonus of three million dollars to anyone who kills Trump”, –  Hamzeh said.
However, the MP did not specify whether this initiative was approved by Iran’s Supreme Leader and spiritual leader Ayatollah Seyid Ali Khamenei.
Kassem Suleimani, the head of the Al-Quds special unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was killed by the U.S. military on January 3 as a result of an uncoordinated U.S. air strike on the territory near Baghdad International Airport. The United States considers the IRGC a terrorist organization and claims that Suleimani was preparing attacks against American diplomats and military personnel. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry called the operation against the warlord a violation of the country’s sovereignty.
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warned that Suleimani’s death would not go unanswered. On the night of January 8, Iran fired ground-to-ground missiles at American bases in Ein al-Assad in western Iraq and Erbil. U.S. President Donald Trump, in turn, promised to strike “a quick and strong blow” at 52 targets in Iran in case of an attack on the Americans, and announced new anti-Iranian sanctions. The world community called on Washington and Tehran to exercise restraint.
As Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif later said, the U.S. is behaving like IG terrorists, threatening to destroy Iran’s cultural facilities.
Iranian President Hassan Rowhani signed a resolution adopted by the country’s parliament on January 13 on recognizing the U.S. Defense Department as a terrorist organization, despite the fact that the Pentagon declared the readiness of the U.S. to negotiate with Iran.
Besides, on January 14, official Iran promised to bring the US authorities and armed forces to justice in the International Criminal Court in The Hague for the murder of Suleimani.


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