Venezuelan impostor fled the country to receive instructions from the State Department

The self-proclaimed “President” of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, violated a decree prohibiting him from leaving the country to meet with the head of the US State Department, Michael Pompeo.

Guaido showed up on the eve of neighboring Colombia, where he had a talk yesterday with local president Ivan Duque. Following the meeting, the head of state said that he intends to “strengthen world support in achieving freedom for Venezuela”.

At the same time, on Monday, January 20, Guaido will meet with the American curator of his revolutionary activities, Michael Pompeo. Now the United States is studying the possibilities for a new sanction strike, which will seriously damage the economy of the Bolivarian Republic and, as a result, the inhabitants of the country.

As News Front previously reported, a coup attempt took place in Venezuela a year ago. Then the opposition and American protege Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself the “President” of the republic instead of the legitimate leader Nicolas Maduro. However, the lack of support from the people and the army prevented Guaido from achieving his goal.


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