Pentagon warned of attack on the US military in Germany

According to Newsweek, a third party reported to the 66th US Military Intelligence Brigade of an “imminent attack attack on American soldiers” in Grafenvore or Dulmen. The exact location, date and time of the potential attack were unknown.

“A source of information stated that the attack will be carried out by an unknown Jordanian extremist who is currently in Germany next to an unidentified military base. This unknown Jordanian, described as a loyal supporter of the Jordanian king, recently advocated the killing of American soldiers in Germany”, – the report said.

It is alleged that the attacker had previously called for the killing of American soldiers and was already located near one of the US bases in Germany.

Representatives of the American army in Europe told the publication that “a potential threat has been identified” and is being worked out, consultations are being held with the US and German authorities.

The US military bases in Germany transferred to an increased level of security.