Military expert: in Serbia, there is great trust in Russian armaments

Serbia bought air defense complexes “Panzer-C1” from Russia, the source said. As Viktor Litovkin, a retired military observer and colonel, noted on the air of Sputnik radio, relations of our countries in the military sphere are very close and reliable.

Last year, Russia and Serbia signed a contract for the supply of one battery of air defense systems “Panzer-C1”, its implementation began, which will be completed in 2020, a source in the field of military-technical cooperation told RIA Novosti.

One battery includes six “Panzer-C1”, the agency said.

In late October, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has already talked about the purchase of the “Slavic Shield”, but then it was only one complex. At the same time, Vucic emphasized that Belgrade has the desire to get the C-400 “Triumph” in service.

Viktor Litovkin reminded that Serbia is the largest importer of Russian arms and military equipment in Europe.

“Soviet, Russian weapons have been present in Serbia for a long time, and they are very trusted there, and the Serbian military has good command of them. In general, the relations between Serbia and Russia in the military field are very close and reliable. While Serbia wants to cooperate with the EU, it categorically refuses to join NATO – it is impossible to join an organization that has bombed the country, driving it into the Stone Age. Serbia is happy to cooperate with Russia. The supply of our Panzer-C1 air defence systems is not the only one. For example, we recently delivered MiG-29 aircraft to Serbia, as well as small arms equipment and tanks. But we have to understand that Serbia buys what it can afford, what it can afford. But it is also a fairly effective weapon, which will reliably protect Serbian airspace”, –  said Viktor Litovkin.


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