Ukrainian aircraft industry trapped due to sanctions

After the Antonov aircraft plant refused to cooperate with Russian enterprises on the basis of sanctions imposed by Ukraine in 2014, the issue of aircraft production and the execution of already signed contracts became an acute issue.

The Ukrainian company tried several times to negotiate with European suppliers after the termination of cooperation with Russian partners, but negotiations did not lead to anything.

The aircraft constructed at the Antonov aircraft plant depended entirely on the supply of components from Russia. For example, the newest An-148 was fully produced in Voronezh.

To replace components, the Antonov aircraft plant needs more than $ 200 million, but the Ukrainian authorities refuse to allocate funds to help the enterprise.

“How do we assemble new aircraft? I can’t make airplanes without Russian components, ”said the head of the aircraft plant, Alexander Donets.

And Ukroboronprom officials accuse the company’s management of the lack of a clear and transparent business plan and say that only for this reason Kiev has not yet allocated funds to the aircraft factory.


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