Trump reacted to the beginning of the impeachment trial

The US leader Donald Trump counts on the speed of the Senate impeachment hearing. He said the Senate impeachment trial “should go very quickly”, CNN reports.

Trump reacted to the beginning of the impeachment trial

“This is a hoax. I think it will be very fast”, – the American leader answered the question of journalists what he expects from the impeachment process and how much time, in his opinion, it will take.

Trump also said he plans to go to the Davos Economic Forum next week. The US president should leave for the World Economic Forum in Switzerland on January 20, and the Senate should begin the process of impeachment on the afternoon of January 21.

On January 16, in the US Senate, the trial officially began on charges against Trump, which the House of Representatives transferred.

The reason for the proceedings was the information that the American leader was putting pressure on the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, demanding that an investigation be launched against the son of Joe Biden in exchange for defrosting military assistance.


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