Syrian regime of silence – the army clashed with terrorists in a fierce confrontation

Units of the Syrian Arab army intensified artillery attacks on jihadist locations in Aleppo, which, according to the military itself, means preparing for a large-scale attack on the western outskirts of the city.

Syrian regime of silence - the army clashed with terrorists in a fierce confrontation
According to the available information, the positions of the militants of the Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham* armed group were bombarded.  The attacks fell on the western outskirts of Aleppo, Leramun quarter, the suburbs of Mansur, Khan al-Assal, Kafr Hamra and Kafr Naha. The settlements of Al-Karassi, Zerba and Khan Fog also appeared at the epicenter. In addition, it was fired along the M-5 highway.

The terrorists did not leave the strikes unanswered, intensifying rocket-artillery shelling along the entire line of contact. In addition, in some suburbs of Aleppo, direct clashes were already recorded by the Syrian military and militants.

According to the reports, militants of the pro-Turkish armed group “National Liberation Front” entered the confrontation. With the help of anti-tank systems, they attacked the position of the SAA, where the heavy machine gun was located. Militants report that as a result they were able to kill up to nine soldiers.

It is noteworthy that all this takes place against the background of the ceasefire, which came into force on January 12 according to the agreements between Russia and Turkey.

As News Front previously reported, the active phase of hostilities in Syria unfolded in December. Then government troops liberated a number of settlements in the southeast of Idlib.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation


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