How many warheads the Pentagon has and where they were deployed – details of the American nuclear shield are revealed in the USA

Eleven American states, as well as five European countries, have become sites for the deployment of the US nuclear arsenal. This is evidenced by the data of the American scientific journal “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists”.

According to the publication, to date, the Pentagon has 1,750 deployed warheads, 400 of which are intended for intercontinental ballistic missiles, and 900 for submarines. Three hundred more warheads are intended for strategic bombers. In addition, 150 more tactical nuclear shells are deployed at the US military bases in Europe. At the same time, 2,050 warheads are in reserve, and 2,000 are sent for disposal. As a result, the total number of US nuclear weapons is 5.8 thousand.

The publication also notes that the Pentagon uses 24 locations for storage of nuclear weapons, of which only 11 are in the United States, and another 5 are in Europe.

Most nuclear weapons are located in underground storage facilities located near the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The publication also says that two government laboratories in Livermore and Los Alamos developed about a hundred different types of nuclear weapons, as well as their modifications.

As News Front previously reported, last year the United States got into a scandal after NATO released a report containing the location of American nuclear facilities in Europe. The document spoke of about 150 facilities where the United States could store nuclear weapons. Moreover, the countries mentioned in the report included Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Turkey.


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