Federation Council appraises Shell’s statement on Nord Stream 2 support

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov, said Shell supported the Nord Stream-2 project because the US was imposing expensive liquefied gas. This was reported by the portal “M24” with reference to RT.

Earlier, Shell supported Nord Stream-2, since, according to the company, the project is important for Europe’s energy security.

“This is because expensive liquefied gas from America is being imposed and normal, fair conditions for business are being lost. Merkel has already expressed this, expressing her extremely negative attitude”, – Jabarov said.

According to him, Austria has already expressed the same thing, and further such statements will follow from other countries.

“Because, in fact, the Americans are climbing into affairs to which they have nothing to do – into the affairs of Europe and European industry and energy”, – the senator emphasized.