Merkel called on Europe to be independent

According to the Chancellor of Germany, this applies, in particular, to the military sphere, where Europe should build up its capabilities and increase defense spending.

Europe should be ready to assume more responsibility in world politics and develop its military potential, as its relations with the United States will continue to change. This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in an interview with the Financial Times published on Wednesday night.

“U.S. attention to Europe is weakening, and that will be the case with any president,” Merkel said. – Therefore, all of us in Europe, and especially in Germany, should take more responsibility”.

According to her, this also applies to the military sphere, where Europe should build up its capabilities and increase defense spending, spending more than 2% of GDP, provided by NATO members’ obligations to the alliance. According to Merkel, the current level of European defense spending “is not sufficient by itself.

“Europe should also be prepared to intervene [in resolving conflicts abroad] if necessary. I think Africa is an example of this”, – Merkel said, recalling the Bundeswehr’s participation in international missions in Afghanistan, Mali, Senegal and Somalia.

At the same time, the Chancellor stressed that cooperation between Europe and the United States would continue and be of great importance “especially in addressing fundamental issues relating to world values and interests. According to her, the key to the success of Germany and Europe in international politics will be the unity of the EU, as “Germany is too small to have a significant geopolitical influence on its own” in the world.

She also stated that trade conflicts between Western countries and China are undesirable amid growing economic competition, as “isolation from China is not the solution”.


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