An American henchman in Moldova laundered terrorist money at his leisure

The oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, who had been hiding in the United States until recently, in the past collaborated with terrorist organizations that financed the creation of nuclear weapons.

This was told by the leader of the Moldavian “Our Party” Renato Usatii.

According to the politician, he has an impressive amount of information that will be transmitted to the country’s Prosecutor General. These documents confirm the facts of Plahotniuc’s use of criminals, with whom he laundered money for some structures, including those recognized as terrorist.

“He laundered money for a number of companies that are currently either recognized as terrorist organizations or organizations related to sponsoring or creating nuclear weapons. I will give all this information in volumes. I am sure that [Moldovan Prosecutor General] Alexander Stoianoglo will make it possible to become famous not only domestically, but also in the world, ”he said.

Mustache noted that his information will help Moldovan law enforcers, in cooperation with foreign colleagues, to uncover the criminal activities of Plahotniuc of an international nature.

As News Front previously reported, the Democratic Party of Moldova, previously led by Vladimir Plahotniuc, for several years promoted a policy acceptable to Washington in the republic, including rapprochement with the West and total Russophobia. Plahotniuc himself created a large corruption network around him, subjugating a lot of high-ranking officials, especially in the power structures of the country.

Last year, following the results of the parliamentary elections in Moldova, a parliamentary coalition of the Party of Socialists and the pro-Western bloc “ACUM” was formed. Plahotniuc then tried to make a coup in order to maintain his power. However, with the assistance of Russia, the EU and the US, the Democratic Party was forced to recognize the new ruling coalition. Then Plahotniuc fled the country.


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