They will kill their own – in Moldova they predicted the consequences of the return of Plahotniuc

Vladimir Plahotniuc, who escaped from Moldova, knows too much about the people who were in the system that the scandalous oligarch once headed.

This was said by the deputy of the Moldavian parliament from the pro-Western opposition party “Action and Solidarity” Vladimir Bola on the TV channel “TV8”.

According to him, if the disgraced ex-head of the Democratic Party is brought to Moldova, then he may not live up to the conviction in court. Too many would prefer that Plahotniuc remain silent, the deputy notes.

“Given the fact that Plahotniuc knows, they can kill him as soon as he returns to Moldova so that his information is not made public,” continues Bola.

In conclusion, he stressed that his associates, who were part of the system created by Plahotniuc, also wanted to neutralize the oligarch, because if he speaks, he will go against this system.

As NewsFront previously reported, after the Socialist Party and the pro-Western bloc ACUM last summer agreed to form a parliamentary coalition in Moldova, the Democratic Party, under the control of Plahotniuc, tried to make a coup. With the assistance of Russia, the European Union and the United States, PDM managed to achieve recognition of the new ruling force. Against this background, Plahotniuc fled the country in order to avoid justice for numerous crimes. Later it turned out that he was hiding in the United States, but at the end of 2019 his visa expired. The day before, the US State Department reported that Plahotniuc was put on the sanctions list.