Washington stood between Interpol and Plahotniuc – Moldova talked about the US patronage over the runaway usurper

More than six months have passed since the infamous oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc fled Moldova after an unsuccessful coup attempt. However, until now, Interpol has not entered his name on the international wanted list.

Such a statement was made by the vice speaker of the Moldovan parliament, chairman of the special commission to investigate violations in the country’s banking sector, Alexander Slusar, on the TV8 channel.

According to him, the reason for everything is the position of the American leadership, which actually covers Plahotniuc. So, if the US officially announced that the oligarch would no longer be granted a visa, the situation could change, the parliamentarian said.

“I can’t say how things are with Interpol, whether they want Vladimir Plahotniuc in Interpol. It was alleged that the application was filed, but we did not see it and we do not know what the reaction was. If it has not yet been included in the database, I believe that the message [from the US] contributed to this. Moreover, this would be a signal to external partners [USA] that this person is undesirable”, – says Slusar. 

As NewsFront previously reported, after the Socialist Party and the pro-Western bloc ACUM last summer agreed to form a parliamentary coalition in Moldova, the Democratic Party, under the control of Plahotniuc, tried to make a coup. With the assistance of Russia, the European Union and the United States, PDM managed to achieve recognition of the new ruling force. Against this background, Plahotniuc fled the country in order to avoid justice for numerous crimes. Later it turned out that he was hiding in the United States, but at the end of 2019 his visa expired. The day before, the US State Department reported that Plahotniuc was put on the sanctions list.


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