Plahotniuc paid for the patronage of the United States with dirt on Moldovan politicians

The U.S. administration could acquire a decent amount of data that could be used to discredit Moldovan politicians. And in return, Washington only needed to shelter the fugitive Vladimir Plahotniuc.

The head of the Moldovan Public Council for a Free Homeland, Igor Tuliantsev, told about it, commenting on Washington’s decision to add the fugitive oligarch Plahotniuc to the sanctions list for corruption activity.

According to Tuliantsev, the USA is seriously late with such measures. This can be explained by the fact that Plahotniuk was a protege of influential representatives of American elites, the publicist said.

“This allowed him to stay afloat for quite a long time. I think that the fugitive oligarch shared with American ‘friends’ terabytes of compromising information with many prominent public and political figures from Moldova”, –  Tuliantsev said, not excluding that all this can be used carefully before the elections.

Speaking about the real effect of sanctions against Plahotniuk, the publicist admitted that he would not be. If we are talking about the fight against corruption, then the “army of executors” that contributed to the scandalous Moldovan usurper should also be included in the “black list”.

“As long as there is no systematic approach, I do not believe in the desire of real assistance to the USA. Rather, it is a desire to clear its reputation from connections with a dubious oligarch”, –  Tulyantsev concluded.

As NewsFront reported earlier, after the decision of the Party of Socialists and the pro-Western bloc ACUM to form a parliamentary coalition in Moldova, the Democratic Party under Plahotniuc’s control tried to make a state revolution. With the help of Russia, the European Union and the USA, the PDM managed to gain recognition of the new ruling force. And against this background Plahotniuc escaped from the country in order to avoid justice for numerous crimes. Later it turned out that he was hiding in the US, but his visa expired at the end of 2019.