On the eve of Brexit, Britain’s service to the U.S. on the Iranian direction was incredible

The United Kingdom is closer than ever to secession from the European Union and against this background, Brexit’s main instigator Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a controversial request to Donald Trump.

On the eve of Brexit, Britain's service to the U.S. on the Iranian direction was incredible

According to the head of the British government, the U.S. president, who had previously triggered the collapse of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan for the Iranian nuclear program, to replace this agreement with his own deal. He called it the “Trump deal.” At the same time Johnson did not take into account that it was the White House head’s decision to leave the JCPOA and further provocations that led to the escalation of tensions in the Middle East, and Iran now has no intention to negotiate with the U.S..

“If we are going to get rid of this, let’s replace it with a Trump deal”, –  Johnson said, calling his idea “a great move forward”. At the same time, the prime minister assured that he is not interested in the conflict between the U.S. and Iran.

As News Front reported earlier, the situation around the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on Iran’s nuclear program has aggravated after U.S. President Donald Trump announced his unilateral withdrawal from the agreement. However, Washington has renewed all anti-Iranian sanctions, which subsequently led to a serious political crisis between Iran and the United States. On January 5, amidst the killing of an Iranian general by U.S. troops, Tehran renounced the last key limitation on the nuclear deal.


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