Maas called on Iran to cooperate constructively on the JCPOA dispute settlement mechanism

The launch of the mechanism was previously announced by the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Great Britain.

Germany calls for Iran’s constructive cooperation in the dispute settlement mechanism within the framework of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan for the Iranian Nuclear Programme (JCPOA). This was stated in a statement issued on Tuesday by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

“We could not continue to leave Iran’s further violations of the nuclear agreement unanswered. Therefore, after intensive consultations with France and the UK, we decided to launch the dispute settlement mechanism provided by the agreement”, –  he said.

“Our goal is clear – we want to keep the deal and find a diplomatic solution to the agreement”, – German minister assured.

“We will do this together with all partners in the deal. We call on Iran to participate constructively in the negotiation process that is currently underway”, –  Maas said.

Earlier Tuesday, the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Great Britain announced the launch of a dispute settlement mechanism as part of the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on Iran’s nuclear programme.

The future of the JCPOA came into question after the U.S. unilateral withdrawal from the deal on May 8, 2018 and Washington’s imposition of sanctions on Tehran for its oil exports. According to Iran, the rest of the parties, especially Europeans, do not fully adhere to their obligations in the economic part of the agreement, so the deal as it stands today makes no sense. As a result, Iran has begun to suspend its JCPOA obligations on uranium enrichment and research activities in stages, and in early January announced the completion of that process.


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