The Pentagon took Trump’s word – the United States admitted that Soleimani was killed without real reason

The US military, organizing the assassination of the Iranian General Kassem Suleimani, which led to a serious escalation of tension in the Middle East, actually believed the word to Donald Trump. So, the head of the White House spoke of impending attacks on US embassies, but there is still no confirmation of this.

This recognition was made by the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper.

According to him, the US Department of Defense did not have real information that could justify the elimination of Suleymani. At the same time, the official assured that he believes the statements of the head of the White House.

“I did not have a chance to see a single [evidence of the preparation of the attack] in relation to the four embassies. What the president talked about regarding the four diplomatic missions – I believe in that. He said that, it seems to him that, it seems, they could prepare an attack on the embassies in the region”, – said Esper.

As News Front previously reported, the American armed forces carried out a resonant and extremely provocative attack, the victim of which was the commander of the elite Iranian unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Al-Quds Kassem Suleimani. The blow was inflicted by personal order of President Donald Trump, allegedly with the aim of “protecting US personnel abroad.”

In response, Iranian forces attacked US military installations in Iraq. The operation was called the “Martyr Soleimani”. As a result of the attack, several fighters were damaged. According to some reports, several aircraft were destroyed. At the same time, Donald Trump said that there were no casualties from the incident.