Russia recorded 27 truce violations in Syria in 24 hours

Russia has recorded 27 violations in the truce commission in Syria per day, while Turkey – 12, according to the information bulletin of the Russian Defense Ministry, published on the website of the Russian military department.

“The Russian part of representation of joint Russian-Turkish commission on consideration of questions connected with the facts of violations of the regime of cessation of hostilities recorded 27 facts of opening of fire in provinces: Idlib – 13; Ladhiqiya – six; Aleppo – seven; Hama – one. The Turkish part of the Mission recorded 12 shots fired in the following provinces: Idlib four; Aleppo two; Hama five; Ladhiqiya one”, –  the text of the Bulletin reads.

During the day, the Reconciliation Centre conducted two humanitarian operations: 250 food kits were distributed in Duma (Damascus province), weighing 1,213 tons, and 350 food kits were distributed in Maghreb (Ladhiqiyah province), weighing 1,698 tons.
The armed conflict in Syria has continued since 2011. At the end of 2017, it was announced that the ISIS in Syria and Iraq had been defeated. Militant clean-up operations continue in parts of the country. The political settlement, reconstruction of Syria, as well as the return of refugees are now in the foreground.