Militants proceed to shell Aleppo

Illegal armed groups continue to bombard the village of Zahra on the outskirts of the largest city in Syria – Aleppo.

Aleppo enters the Idlib de-escalation zone, where from January 9 this year, by agreement with the Turkish side, hostilities and the use of aircraft were stopped. Despite this, militants did not stop shelling the positions of the armed forces of the Syrian Arab army and civilian settlements.

As the representative of the Syrian Arab army told reporters, shelling by militants has intensified significantly since the end of December, and recently it has become daily. Terrorists threw several rocket launchers from Idlib into this area, which means that at any moment not only mortars, but also multiple launch rocket systems can hit Zahra, the source said.

“The militants killed my husband. He died when they fired mines, a splinter hit him in the head. I have 7 children left, and I am very afraid for them”, – said a local resident of Varfa.

Zahra village has been under siege for six years, the militants have repeatedly tried to capture it. Before the war, it was one of the most prestigious suburbs of Aleppo.