Media: Evo Morales has threatened to assemble an armed militia

In Bolivia it is necessary to organize armed militias, as in Venezuela, said former president Evo Morales on the air of radio station Kawsachun Coca.

“If I come back soon or someone comes back (to Bolivia), it is necessary to organize, as in Venezuela, a militia of the people”, –  said the former leader of Bolivia.

In his opinion, the absence of “plan B” before the conflicts in the country after the elections was a big mistake.
“Morales’ statements only indicate that peace, reconciliation and democracy were never an option for him. Because of the intention to sow terror and violence, they will only see a united Bolivian people”, –  the acting president of Bolivia, Janine Agnès, wrote on Twitter.

“The movement of indigenous peasant people had its inherent protection. In some areas it was called the local guard, in other times it was a militia. Now it’s a union police or trade union security. Everything is within our morals and customs and respecting the constitution”, –  the former president of Bolivia wrote on Twitter later.

The political crisis in Bolivia began after the results of the presidential election of 20 October last year. It was won by Evo Morales, who held the presidency for over 14 years. His main rival, the opposition candidate Carlos Mesa, did not accept the results of the vote.

Against the background of mass protests, Morales announced new elections, but this did not stabilize the situation – under pressure from military politicians, he resigned and soon left the country.

As the political crisis unfolded, the entire top leadership of the country also resigned along with the Head of State and was granted political asylum in Mexico.

The authorities in Bolivia temporarily received the second Vice Speaker of the Senate, Janine Agnès, representing the opposition. The Constitutional Court had confirmed the legality of the transfer of power.
The new Bolivian leadership has announced new general elections to be held on 3 May. The former President will not be able to participate in the upcoming electoral campaign as a candidate – he is currently in Argentina, from where he leads the campaign of his party Movimiento Socialismo.


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